Expert and citizen elicitation to identify bottlenecks on S&T commercialization and adoption

Experts: Granger Morgan and Baruch Fischhoff

Morgan and Fischhoff will lead complementary research to elicit from experts (Morgan) and the general public (Fischhoff) the bottlenecks to advancing critical technology capabilities, and the opportunities for government intervention to reduce those bottlenecks. Morgan will elicit experts’ judgments of expected bottlenecks and productive investments of public resources (e.g., common design platforms, shared production infrastructure). Fischhoff will elicit public perceptions of the risks and benefits of emerging technologies and public investments in them, in terms that can inform technology development and deployment.

For the first-year pilot, Morgan will integrate with the semiconductor demonstration and Fischhoff will work alongside the biopharmaceutical demonstration. Their combined effort will provide unique insights into anticipating and addressing potential bottlenecks in commercialization and adoption of critical technologies, including the two-way communication needed to ensure public acceptance of the technologies.