Report released on securing America’s future

Securing America's Future report cover

On October 24, 2023 the National Network for Critical Technology Assessment culminated its year-long effort with the release of the report, Securing America’s Future: A Framework for Critical Technology Assessment. The launch event was held in partnership with the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation and The Hamilton Project at Brookings.

Praise for Securing America’s Future

“Solutions to many of the challenges confronting our nation—from the environment to health care, from national security to the economy—require technology advances. Herein is a pathway to such advances.”

– Norman Augustine, Former Chair and CEO, Lockheed Martin
Former Undersecretary of the Army

“This insightful report makes a compelling and well-documented case for a national office that spans agency missions, capable of deep analysis of critical technologies, the US position in these technologies, and the risks to continued US leadership and access. The country’s economic and national security are dependent on a number of key technologies, and a better and earlier understanding of these dependencies and the risks to them has become mandatory.”

– John Hennessy, Professor and President Emeritus, Stanford University

“US leadership in the critical technology areas that will be required for our global competitiveness can no longer be taken for granted. Using examples in several key technology areas, this must-read report shows how analytics can help inform our citizens, Congress, and federal agency leaders on where investments are needed to secure our future.”

– Willie E. May, AAAS President-Elect; Vice President of Research, Morgan State University
Former Director, National Institute of Standards and Technology

“NNCTA’s report highlights the urgent need to restructure how we deploy national funds to support the commercialization of technologies critical to US advantage.”

– Katie Rae, CEO and Managing Partner, The Engine

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Turning a Policy Idea into a Pilot Project

Erica Fuchs and Lisa Margonelli discuss the National Network for Critical Technology Assessment on the podcast Issues in Science and Technology.


US draws up plans for new national body to monitor R&D strengths and weaknesses

NNCTA’s Erica Fuchs discusses new national body that will help government assess new technologies in Science|Business. “Does government today have in its hands the data and analytic capacity to form its national technology strategy? The answer is no, it does not,” Fuchs says. “In the end, it’s going to be a question for Congress, and what they appropriate. I would argue that we have no time to waste.”

Federal News Network

A call for disruptive change in how the government assesses technology

NNCTA’s Erica Fuchs was interviewed by the Federal News Network on the National Network for Critical Technology Assessment. Fuchs is part of a team of experts pushing for the government to change the way technology is assessed and what challenges face the U.S.

National Science Foundation

NNCTA releases report on ways to strengthen U.S. competitiveness

The National Network for Critical Technology Assessment pursued data and advanced analytics methods and tools to advance capabilities to identify potentially optimal directions for federal research and development funding. The NSF covered the release of the new report that identifies pathways to strengthen U.S. competitiveness in key technology areas.