Andrew Reamer

Research Professor, George Washington Institute of Public Policy


Andrew Reamer is a research professor at the George Washington Institute of Public Policy at the George Washington University. His research efforts aim to encourage U.S. national economic development and competitiveness. Areas of focus include strategic economic analysis and policy, innovation and entrepreneurship, workforce development, and the federal economic statistics system.

Intended to inform public decision-makers, Reamer’s work resides on the boundary between research and practice. His current sponsors include the American Economic Association, the National Science Foundation, Third Way, the Project on Government Oversight, the Strada Foundation, and the U.S. Census Bureau. He is a board member of the Industry Studies Association, for which he prepares a weekly newsletter on federal industrial policy and strategy, and a member of the Statistics Committee of the National Association for Business Economics.

Reamer joined GWIPP in 2010, after six years at the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program and 20 years as a consultant in U.S. regional economic development and public policy. He received a Ph.D. in economic development and public policy and a master’s in city planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a bachelor’s in economics at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.